Because you've waited long enough to grow out of it.

Hi, I'm Paige! I coach people who stutter overcome the chronic fear and anxiety which gets in the way between you and fluency. You might be thinking, "What makes me qualified to help you?" I've been exactly where you are now. But you don't need to go it alone because I'm here to help.



Because you've waited long enough to grow out of it.

Hi, I'm Paige! I coach people who stutter overcome the chronic fear and anxiety which gets in the way between you and fluency. You might be thinking "What makes me qualified to help you?" I've been exactly where you are now. But you don't need to go it along because I'm here to help.

I've been where you are...

• All grown up but did not outgrow stuttering from childhood?

• Feel fear and anxiety before, during and after speaking situations?

• Your stutter gets worse in front of specific people, like an authority figure?

• You know speech therapy techniques but struggle to use them in the real world?

• Barely sleep days (or weeks) before giving a presentation?

• Achieved more fluent speech but still feel anxious and unhappy with your life?

Imagine instead…

• Increased natural fluency by decreasing physical, emotional and mental tension

• The freedom to express yourself without holding back

• Improved confidence by having the courage to take action towards your dreams

• The courage to be authentically YOU and experience true connection with others

• Being assertive to ask for what you want and to enforce personal boundaries

• Increased self-esteem and a deeper understanding of who you are and strive to be

How I can help…


I offer a 12-week program called Find Your Flow to Fluency where you learn about the Freedom Fluency Factors and how they influence situational stuttering. By identifying and changing your response to these various factors that create and maintain physical tension in your body (especially psychological), increased fluency will flow as a natural by-product.


A few times a year, I offer a vision board workshop called Speaking with Confidence. Going beyond fluency, this workshop helps you gain clarity on the type of speaker you want to be. If there is a specific topic around stuttering that you want help with, please share with me via email at paige@thehappystutterer.com. I'd love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for new dates to be announced :)

Hi, I'm Paige!

My younger self didn’t know it was possible to escape from the life sentence of fear, anger and depression that stuttering brings. But I know it’s possible to break the shackles of shame because I’m living proof it’s possible — and I know it’s possible for you too.

Recovering from stuttering didn't happen overnight by getting rid of my stutter and rejecting a part of myself, but by developing a stronger sense of self and embracing more of who I truly am. The answer to stuttering-less comes from achieving a strong and healthy self-esteem so that you tap into your own natural fluency from the inside out.

Through the power of coaching, my goal is to coach and guide you to increase your inner confidence, help you process the difficult feelings and limiting beliefs that are holding you back around stuttering and empower you to use your voice authentically and expressively.

"As a result of the program and working with Paige, my anxiety related to stuttering is greatly reduced."

Before enrolling in the program, I struggled with anxiety and depression. As I wanted to feel productive, happy and secure, these challenges made me feel like I was not living up to my potential.

Working with Paige is like having a mirror that shows you why you are the way you are and she guides you to be the person you want to be. She knows what it's like to stutter, has extensively researched stuttering and her course provides a framework (which is good for an ADHD person like me) vs. the open-ended relationship that most therapists provide.

She is firm in her support but flexible in her approach. She doesn't "fix" you but supports you in reducing fear and misunderstanding, which helps you feel like you’re in control of your own destiny. I can't recommend the program enough.


What's Your Covert Stuttering Style?

Take this 60-second quiz and go beneath the surface of your stutter to discover the tricks and tools you use to stop or hide your stutter from others. You’ll learn how embracing your strengths helps you express yourself with confidence.

If you stutter, it's a natural desire to hide it — an automatic response reinforced over many years.

By taking this quiz, you'll learn to what degree you hide stuttering, represented by the behaviours of one of these sea creatures — a stealthy octopus, side-stepping crab, steadfast turtle or a friendly dolphin.

Why does it matter to know this? Because only when you understand yourself, can you start supporting yourself to take positive steps toward changing your experience with stuttering.

And when you start working with your nature instead of against it, you stop beating yourself up in the process.
Taking this quiz you'll also learn:

  • Understand what's going on below the surface of your stutter in ten quick and easy questions
  • Identify the tricks and tools you use to camouflage visible (and internal) stuttering from other people
  • Take pride in the strengths that are part of your inborn nature and resiliency in coping with stuttering


I've got A's for your Q's

How are you different from a speech-language pathologist?

I'm a certified professional coach who helps people who stutter heal from the mental and emotional wounds that tend to go hand-in-hand with the experience of stuttering. Since you feel fear and anxiety on a daily basis, we know there's a lot more going on behind-the-scenes with stuttering than just the mechanics of speech. Unlike a lot of SLP's, I have the distinct advantage of first-hand experience and expert knowledge on stuttering. In my personal experience, it involves a lot more than just speech techniques to overcome stuttering on a deep level.

What exactly is coaching and will it work for me?

Coaching is the process of helping you understand yourself on a deeper level with support and guidance along the way. The relationship between client and coach is one of a co-partnership — always led by you with only your best interests at heart. Coaching works when you willingly commit to your progress (and not perfection) — there are no such things as mistakes. Just like anything else in life, the time and effort you focus on exploring 'inner work' will be reflected in the types of experiences you have with yourself and other people in life.

How is this program different from others?

Within structured modules, each program is customized and personalized to you and your needs. I'm not the expert on your stutter — you are. You know it better than anybody else because you live with it everyday. For that reason, you're an active participant to reflect and become self-aware of your own thoughts, feelings and the behaviours behind them. Like a top-performing athlete, I provide one-on-one coaching to give you the support, guidance, and encouragement you need to help you achieve your speaking goals. 

I just want to be fluent. Will this program help?

You've stuttered for a long time — possibly an entire lifetime. So for this reason, real and long-lasting change will not happen overnight. But I do know with commitment and focused work, almost anything is possible to achieve. In fact, with intensive practice, you may have already achieved moments of fluency. But if you're reading this now, it might be because the negative thoughts and crippling fear keeps holding you hostage to stuttering. I understand it's frustrating, but I know there's hope — to break free and live the life you imagine for yourself.

What if I have more questions?

No problem, I’m here to answer all of your questions. Send an email to paige@thehappystutterer.com